Meet our Makers

Creative Women

Creative Women is a fair trade home + lifestyle wholesale brand. They are long-term partners with talented artisans in Ethiopia and Kenya who work in women-led small businesses. They've also recently expanded our fair trade partnerships in Tunisia, Morocco, Burundi, Zambia and India. By developing healthy, sustainable, and profitable partnerships, they are able to bring artisanal handcrafted pieces to a global market. Creative Women's artisans create beautifully unique natural fiber hand-spun and hand woven textiles and baskets.

Employing a longstanding and rich traditional art form, their artisans spin and weave 100% locally grown environmentally friendly high quality fibers. The pieces are then washed and accented with AZO free dyes or sustainably sourced leather.

Handcrafted with skillful hands and careful attention, each piece has unique qualities in natural texture, softness, and color. Creative Women is a fair trade certified company committed to providing high quality jobs for their suppliers as well as unique products for our customers.

By creating a sustainable niche for these artisans, Creative Women helps to ensure their craft supports the health, education, and economic stability of their families. We believe that conscious consumerism — in which the act of buying is also one of giving — is a powerful way to effect change.


Heddle + Lamm

Heddle & Lamm brings designs to life by partnering with master artisans in Ghana, Mexico, Morocco and India. They intermix a contemporary style with time-honored techniques passed down from generation to generation in order to share that artistry and tradition with you. Heddle + Lamm believes in small-scale production, fair wages, and keeping traditional craft and artistry alive. Their products not only look great in your home, but they also allow you to give back to the communities where these products are made. Many children in Africa do not attend school simply because they do not have the means to do so, together we can change that! This school year Heddle + Lamm is actively sponsoring 32 scholarships of both primary and secondary students in Ghana.

Nash + Jones

The Nash and Jones line began out of necessity. Reactions to products filled with chemicals, dyes, perfumes and preservatives were awful so they adopted a more natural lifestyle.

Nash and Jones' passion for consuming only clean ingredients led them to craft products to nourish our skin rooted in the amazing benefits of organic oils, butters and beeswax. Our skin produces oils to hydrate and aid our skin’s healthy cell life cycle, so their products employ the highest quality, non-comedogenic oils and complimentary natural ingredients to nourish skin, encourage cell regeneration and keep pores clean & bright.

RV Pottery

RVPottery was founded in 2015 by ceramic artist and entrepreneur Rachel Vandivort. Rachel earned a degree in Studio Arts with an emphasis in ceramics from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. It was during her time at Belmont that she fell in love with clay, quickly finding her own signature style as a functional potter. She has continued to develop and reinvent her craft and strives to create beautiful, unique pottery that finds use in people’s everyday lives. Rachel hand throws and fires all pieces at her home studio in Dickson, TN.

She Made

She Made ceramics embody rustic elegance and timeless simplicity, paying homage to America’s expansive countrysides and the historic farmhouses built upon them. Each vessel is one of a kind with unique details that whisper the tale of how it was made: A subtle drip in the glaze, a small divot in the rim, variations in the size and shape of like-items… reminding us that imperfection is natural, comforting, worthy, and true.

At the heart of She Made is an inherent knowing that connection is the wellspring of joy. Each day, no matter how trivial it may seem, we are presented with opportunities to seek unity with the people, places, and things we are surrounded by. It was this pursuit of connection that lured Kayley Vandenberg, the “She” of She Made, to the potter’s wheel in 2018. In returning to this craft she first pursued as a child, she unearthed a deep inner harmony and a medium in which to express the beauty she sees in the world.

Kayley’s longing for an honest, soulful life that ripens with age is the bedrock of her ceramics practice. Through her desire to explore her own self, integrate with nature, and uncover meaning in the everyday, she discovered unlimited opportunities for connection: In curls of steam rising from a pair of coffee mugs, in a vase of fresh cut flowers, in a home-cooked meal served on her favorite plate.

In a modern world, the value of handmade items is lost on many — She Made is for those who find happiness in knowing the story of their belongings; for people who want their surroundings to inspire, foster peace, and encourage connection; for people seeking to transform life’s quietest moments into a song.


Born from a passion for craftsmanship of native Morocco, Socco is a family business with a workshop in Rabat that employs twenty local artisans. The company was started to preserve traditional Moroccan craftsmanship and share its beauty with the world. Socco specializes in unique designs for modern home accessories. Their products are handmade from leather, straw and wool using traditional Moroccan techniques. All ethically crafted by their team of skilled artisans in their own workshop.

Their premium-quality leather is vegetable-tanned only. We use no harsh chemicals in the process, which reduces water pollution. Our textiles are made with sheep’s wool and cotton that are coloured with natural, toxin-free dyes. The palm leaf straw that we use to weave our baskets is 100% natural.